My mission starts with a single question;

“How can we get the most out of ourselves so we can reach our full potential?”


About this Event

I’ll answer this question at my event “Win Your Day, Own Your Life’. The focus will be on how learn the strategies, tools and techniques to optimise your mind, body and confidence on a daily basis so you can reach your fullest potential.

Just image what you could accomplish if you had unstoppable energy, clarity, focus, productivity and confidence…?

Well I’m going to walk you through the principles of optimising your mind, self belief and body so you can do just that.

Win Your Mind

How you can wake up every morning clear minded, sharp and energised, ready to own your day. No more headaches, energy crashes, no more hitting the snooze button or reaching for that 2nd cup of coffee just to get you going. No more lacking motivation or drive.

Win Your Confidence

I’ll talk you through how to build up your mindset to beat self doubt and grow your inner confidence. We aren’t born with confidence, we create it. I’ll show you how to do that. Just think about what you could do or where you would be if you believed in yourself.

Win Your Body

I’ll take you through how to optimise your body, your energy, your health, your diet and your fitness. I’ll give you the principles I use and coach my clients to use on a daily basis. No more fads, no more yo-yoing, no more feel like crap, low energy, bloated and no more aches and pains. I’ll give you the strategies to optimise your body, fitness and health. Discover the principles to living in a body you’re proud to own.

Who is this event for?

Win Your Day, Own Your Life is a guide for every women and every man who want to be all they can be, get the most out of themselves and achieve what they are fully capable of. Whether that’s opening a business, hiking a mount, creating deeper connecting relationships, reducing stress, having more freedom, playing a sport or living life to its fullest, this event is for you.

Whether you have clear intentions about your self development and what you are working on, Or you are just looking for the space, guidance or inspiration to make your next big move in life, my focus is that you’ll leave this event with increased confidence, clarity, direction and energy.

I’ll share with you effective strategies and tools you can use right away with little to no cost that empower you to take charge of your life, your health, your mindset and your direction so you can enjoy your life to its fullest.

Event Information

Date: Tuesday 23rd April 18:30pm – 20:30pm. 

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel Durham City. 

Tickets: £15 per person, head over to eventbrite to reserve your tickets, link below:


About David

David Wilkinson is a performance coach and speaker based in Durham, England. His whole approach is based on Optimising Human Performance.

Inspired by his experience as multi-sport athlete as well as his background in fitness, mindset and performance coaching – His goal is to empower people to achieve their fullest potential by optimising how they live and interact with each day.

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