Rich Weatherburn – Managing Director 313 Wealth Management 

Before I started working with David I was struggling with the balancing of my business with my personal life.

I was always working too much and as a result neglecting every other aspect of my life. I was far too driven by financial reward in terms of numbers alone rather than stepping back and recognising that what I actually wanted was flexibility, not money. I was neglecting the relationship with my wife and justifying that to myself by saying I was ‘providing’ when all she ever wants from me is affection and attention, not material things.

I had read many self help books but these were mainly compounding my problem of ‘more, more, more’. I was naturally drawn to books and content that would help me to increase wealth, not balance out my entire life.

I was skeptical before I joined David’s coaching program, as I think there is a general belief that ‘coaches’ aren’t qualified in any particular area of expertise. What I now recognise is this is simply due to a lack of regulating body and examination board as the principles and theory you are able to learn with the help of a coach are worth their weight in gold and having the support and accountability to implement as I go has been transformational.

I started the program and instantly started working on balancing my lifestyle which for me is the most important thing. This allowed a more honest, open and connected relationship with my wife. I have adapted my business to operate around our lifestyle and now more than ever I am working to live instead of living to work. This has created more time freedom as well as the ability to continually grow my business

Nick Williams – Investment Entrepreneur, BJJ lover and Leader Who’s Stepping up

When I reached out to david I had vague goals, I knew wanted to become ‘something’ but had very low self esteem and confidence in my ability.

I had some half-hearted attempts to sort myself out. It didn’t work because I didn’t know myself, my values, I just wasn’t able to commit long term to being disciplined, and needed help seeing the potential in myself.

Since working with david my life, business and entire outlook has transformed. my level of self confidence is almost unrecognisable from last year and i’m finally stepping up as ceo and leader of my business. i’m 100% clear on my direction in life and business. To top it off I’m in the best shape of my life and ran a pb 10k earlier this year.

Kurt Kirkham – Sales Consultant Nissan and New Dad

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, I have known Dave for sometime now and was very impressed with his energy and passion regarding helping individuals create the life they want.

What I was struggling with was a clear action plan for my life and how to do it, but also the self discipline, especially on days I was tired and can’t be arsed. Dave coached me to understand habits, behaviours and how to break this cycle of self destruction. Since working with him my sales have gone up dramatically and financially I’m a lot more stable which is key with having a young family.

I am currently staying with Dave as my coach as I feel his work so far has had a great influence on my life.

Martin Walker – Co Owner of Walker Driving School and Lover of Mountain Biking

After being in my current line of work as a self employed driving instructor for the last 12 years I felt my job and everyday lifestyle where starting to become a little boring and tedious.

So when the opportunity arose to work with David as a coach I felt the time was right to attempt to make improvements in myself.

My brief to David was to work and develop me on my own personal skills as an instructor and a coach. We met initially to discuss things and then periodically after to discuss, set goals, set action steps and implement these. David opened my eyes and helped me to think along different lines to my normal way of doing thing, something that is being encouraged in my profession. Everything we worked on together has been put into my normal working and private day to day life.

Most of my clients are younger people and have been really open with me and telling me how much they enjoy the way we are working together and their personal learning develop has dramatically increased because of this. This has made my ‘off work’ time more enjoyable as I’m not worrying so much.

All in all the experience with David has been absolutely fantastic. 

David Pearson – Training and Development Manager and Mountain Enthusiast 

Over the past couple of years I had been struggling both at work and at home.

I found myself feeling miserable most of the time. I was struggling with things and trying to find and understand what I wanted to do with my life. I was feeling like I wasn’t achieving anything and this made things tough. I would come home from work and I found myself taking things out on my family. I needed to do something but wasn’t sure what. 

I was thinking of going to see a GP but wasn’t sure if that was the right path so I thought I would try a different route instead. 

A couple of years before this I had worked with Dave as a client at his gym and I knew of his experience of coaching clients. Most of this was around fitness but I had attended a couple of sessions with him on mindset and setting goals. The results I achieved working with him on my fitness were superb so I contacted him to discuss my challenges. 

After the initial contact we met up and he listened to what I was saying and asked a few uncomfortable questions. We then came up with a plan which I worked on to move forward which was tailored specifically for me. I will be the first to admit that I can be quite cynical about life coaching, etc. but I was genuinely blown away with how well things went. 

I am not going to say it is an easy process; Dave asked some difficult questions and prompted me to push myself out of my comfort zone. He set some exercises to make me look at my life in a different way and how to identify what was important to me and where I should focus. 

There was no magic pill or anything like that. You need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and being totally honest with yourself but with the way Dave conducted the sessions I always felt supported. I feel as though I am in a better place. I have a greater clarity on work which has improved things at home. I can better separate these areas of my life and have a greater focus on what is important to me. I have some additional fitness/outdoor challenges that I am working on over the next 12 months or so and the work I have done with Dave has greatly improved my focus.

I am still using the activities and techniques that we worked on to push myself further and to look inwardly at myself and my life as I still have a long way to go.  The Coaching was a massive help and I would recommend David to anybody who needs support or guidance with any part of their life be that, work, their own business, fitness, challenges, etc. you will not look back.
A great guy who helps you get results if you are willing to put the work in.