Her Words; “I didn’t sign up for this, David”

“I didn’t sign up for this, David”

Her words punching me in the gut as she packed her bags.

For 6 straight years my schedule was crazy.

I was working 14hr days.

I’d jump from client to client … to even MORE clients.

And with what “free time” I did have was spent putting out fires and dealing with staff issues.

I was going balls to the wall. No excuses.

Every single day I invested all my TIME, ENERGY and EFFORT into building a successful business.

Don’t get me wrong, I was generating serious money.

And it was nice to look in my bank account and see all those zeros.

But do you know what?

I was exhausted.

I don’t just mean a bit tired, or in need of a lie in on a Sunday and I was good to go again.

I’m talking:

 Sacrificing friends, family time and even my mental health for the sake of the business.

 Working 16-hour days, 7-day weeks, and giving up on the idea of holidays for a few years

 Trying my hardest to quiet the negative inner voices, eliminate all self doubt, and showing up motivated, even when all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed.

 Removing my emotions, keeping on ploughing forward and essentially “manning up” the whole time.

On the surface, I looked content, happy and in control.

But deep down, the chaos inside my head, and the stress and frustration… it was ruining me.

I was being crushed by business-induced panic attacks,

I couldn’t sleep on a night due to heart palpitations, worrying about staff, marketing, business operations and everything else I had going on.

I remember one morning my alarm piercing my ears and shocking the life out of me at 0430am.

I just lay there completely paralyzed and couldn’t get out of bed. I said to myself “is this it?”

Man, I felt lost. I was completely burned out. I felt completely disconnected from everything.

My girlfriend couldn’t stand who I’d become.

Her words… “I didn’t sign up for this, David.”

But I’d try and provide rationale for my actions:

“Next year will be different”

“If I can just get a few more clients, everything will be ok”

And I’d do what 99% of every other businessmen do…

Try and justify it to my partner by saying “I’m doing this for us.”

But guess what she wanted?


Yes me, not the fancy bag, the fancy house or the nice cars.

She wanted the guy she fell in love with all those years back!

Not the David who was glued to his phone at 10pm every night.

Thing is, earning more money in business is almost too appealing to pass up…

So it’s a bit of a dilemma to get balance in your life, right?

Well, maybe not.


Let me explain.


What if you WERE able to break free of the ball and chain of business and unlock the power in your business, marriage and health like you’ve never had before?

If you could do that, then you’d be able to:

 Break free of self limiting, sabotaging behaviour patterns and be able to stay calm amongst the chaos of business and life.

 Win back 5, 10, even 20+ hours per week, giving you the kind of business (and lifestyle) you’ve always dreamed of.

 Drastically reduce stress and overwhelm (you’ll be kicking yourself when you see how simple this step can be).

 Create certainty and confidence in business, free up more time and energy to reach more people, serve more customers and finally “make the impact you’ve dreamed of making”


Which could sound too good to be true.


But it’s not.


And it took me until 2019 where I was at a business seminar and the guy’s story resonated so powerfully with me that it completely changed me in an instant.

Which allowed me to overcome my own self-doubt and fears to ultimately build the business and life I’d always wanted.

It’s actually what I want to share with you in a free online masterclass for ambitious business owners.

In the class, I’ll be revealing some of my most powerful tactics, strategies and systems.

But it’s not just me that uses these systems…

I’ve helped hundreds of other business owners use them too.

And now they’re scaling their income while working less
and breaking through every plateau in their business, marriage and life without being a slave to their business.

Better yet, they’re doing it using something called the “C4 Method” (that I’ll share with you) which arms them with systems to get a handle on their feelings and emotions, and finally crush any self-doubt, while unleashing unstoppable motivation that never runs out.

All while creating stability for their families


Would that interest you?

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Are You Being Your BEST, TRUE Self?

In life can you honestly say you are being your best, true self? By this I mean are you being honest with who you are, confident to live as you, And always be yourself no matter the situation?

Do you have the confidence to be yourself and present that to the outside world?

At school and college I was always shy and really lacked the confidence to be myself, share my truth or put myself out there. Looking back I feared rejection so I kept myself down, hid away and didn’t share my real self unless it was with people I trusted.

This got me thinking, How many people other people are hiding themselves away or diming their light because they lack the confidence to ‘just’ be themselves at work, in business, socially, or even at home?

Or they adjust their personality to suit various situations or people? I’ve done this as well. Shown different sides of myself to certain people so they might accept me.

The reality is you can and should always be your True, Real and Authentic self and by doing so you’ll always bring the BEST version of yourself to each part of your life.

If people are unable or unwilling to accept the true you, well then I’d say **** them. Be YOU and find those people who accept you for who you are.

However the POWER in my opinion is you have to accept YOURSELF first. Hiding your true self away will only cause you pain and keep your light dim.

So how do you gain the confidence to be yourself, put yourself out there and be the best version of yourself? 

1) Accept who you currently are.

Learn who you are, what you are about and your values as a person. Discover yourself both your good and bad sides (we all have them).

Then accept yourself. Self acceptance goes a hell of a long way in boosting self belief and understanding your true value. Sure you’ll have to accept the ‘not so good’ parts of you, but if those parts hinder you…Then look at No.2.

2) Change, Adapt or Advance what doesn’t fit for you. 

If there’s a part of your personality that doesn’t fit your life and causes you pain…Work on changing it. Don’t be a arse **** and just accept it.

Adjusting our behaviour/s is essentially what we must do to develop as people. So it’s just a case of changing negative, damaging, disempowering behaviours with more positives ones. I won’t BS, this is tough, however over time with the right support, you can do this.

3) Know your worth

Know your true worth and value in all parts of life. Know what you bring to the world and honor that. Honor your gifts, personality, value and shine your light on the world around you.

4) Practise.

It sounds simple but just practise being you. Go to places and groups where you don’t know anyone and be you. Put yourself out there without fear of judgement or the need to be accepted. Then once you have confidence here, be you with those closest to you, those people can often be the toughest for us to be ourselves around.

5) Focus on something else. 

When you feel the fear of being your true self, or putting yourself out there, focus on something else. Be interested in other people, ask them questions and focus on getting to know them.

Direct your attention somewhere else and be curious of others and that will help you relax.

6) Repeat all the above and keep pushing to be you.

It’s not easy and it may take you a long time, but it’s worth it because the alternative is always you keeping you down, hiden, trapped and not valuing yourself…

Probably the worst thing you can do to yourself mentally is not valuing who you REALLY are.



PS: I’ll be launching a series of MasterMind coaching events soon just for guys. 

Focusing on helping men to level up their mind and body to reach their truest potential.

The best way to think of your potential in my opinion is;

“You know that you are capable of doing and being much more in this world…But right now you feel like you’re being held back or not confident to go ahead and become that person. Your potential and all you are capable of is being subdued”. 

My one day events will help you lay the foundations to overcome your adversities, overcome challenges you face and step up to being all you can be.

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