Are You Being Your BEST, TRUE Self?

In life can you honestly say you are being your best, true self? By this I mean are you being honest with who you are, confident to live as you, And always be yourself no matter the situation?

Do you have the confidence to be yourself and present that to the outside world?

At school and college I was always shy and really lacked the confidence to be myself, share my truth or put myself out there. Looking back I feared rejection so I kept myself down, hid away and didn’t share my real self unless it was with people I trusted.

This got me thinking, How many people other people are hiding themselves away or diming their light because they lack the confidence to ‘just’ be themselves at work, in business, socially, or even at home?

Or they adjust their personality to suit various situations or people? I’ve done this as well. Shown different sides of myself to certain people so they might accept me.

The reality is you can and should always be your True, Real and Authentic self and by doing so you’ll always bring the BEST version of yourself to each part of your life.

If people are unable or unwilling to accept the true you, well then I’d say **** them. Be YOU and find those people who accept you for who you are.

However the POWER in my opinion is you have to accept YOURSELF first. Hiding your true self away will only cause you pain and keep your light dim.

So how do you gain the confidence to be yourself, put yourself out there and be the best version of yourself? 

1) Accept who you currently are.

Learn who you are, what you are about and your values as a person. Discover yourself both your good and bad sides (we all have them).

Then accept yourself. Self acceptance goes a hell of a long way in boosting self belief and understanding your true value. Sure you’ll have to accept the ‘not so good’ parts of you, but if those parts hinder you…Then look at No.2.

2) Change, Adapt or Advance what doesn’t fit for you. 

If there’s a part of your personality that doesn’t fit your life and causes you pain…Work on changing it. Don’t be a arse **** and just accept it.

Adjusting our behaviour/s is essentially what we must do to develop as people. So it’s just a case of changing negative, damaging, disempowering behaviours with more positives ones. I won’t BS, this is tough, however over time with the right support, you can do this.

3) Know your worth

Know your true worth and value in all parts of life. Know what you bring to the world and honor that. Honor your gifts, personality, value and shine your light on the world around you.

4) Practise.

It sounds simple but just practise being you. Go to places and groups where you don’t know anyone and be you. Put yourself out there without fear of judgement or the need to be accepted. Then once you have confidence here, be you with those closest to you, those people can often be the toughest for us to be ourselves around.

5) Focus on something else. 

When you feel the fear of being your true self, or putting yourself out there, focus on something else. Be interested in other people, ask them questions and focus on getting to know them.

Direct your attention somewhere else and be curious of others and that will help you relax.

6) Repeat all the above and keep pushing to be you.

It’s not easy and it may take you a long time, but it’s worth it because the alternative is always you keeping you down, hiden, trapped and not valuing yourself…

Probably the worst thing you can do to yourself mentally is not valuing who you REALLY are.



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The best way to think of your potential in my opinion is;

“You know that you are capable of doing and being much more in this world…But right now you feel like you’re being held back or not confident to go ahead and become that person. Your potential and all you are capable of is being subdued”. 

My one day events will help you lay the foundations to overcome your adversities, overcome challenges you face and step up to being all you can be.

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The EDGE of Our Comfort Zone and Life.

“When we reach the edge of our comfort zone we tend to think about our lives and the point we’re reached”.

Our mind gives us reasons as to WHY we can’t go past this point.

Our mind tells us it’s not safe.

Our mind tells us that we could fail.

We tell ourselves stories as to why this is our limit and we should step back from the edge.

We also contemplate our lives, journey and path when we reach this point.

Is this right for me?

Am I making the right choice?

How did I end up here?

We think about our lives.

At this point a decision is made…

Do you push through the pain, the unknown, the possibly of rejection, the possibility of failure…

Do you leap over that edge and allow the world to open up further for you?

Or do you hold back and say…”This is it for me”?

We ALL have our edge…Even the most gifted, talented, hard working people in the world have a point they reach that they don’t want OR need to go past.

You’ve just got to be happy with where yours is.

If not keep pushing and going past it until you reach the edge of your comfort zone.

That point of fulfilment, achievement, happiness and contentment.

Dare to reach your edge…Dare to be Alpha.


By NOW 95% of People Have Quit Their Resolutions…




By now 95% of people have given up or quit on their New Years resolution.

My belief is YES the new year is an opportunity for change, a new chapter and if you want to make it a turning point in your life to MAKE changes then DO IT.

However on the other side of that, a resolution for many people is NOT about real change.

See it may be a new year but it’s the SAME YOU. With the same beliefs, same mindset, same limitations, same strength and weakness.

So if you want change in ANY area of life…You must change.

If you want to go to that next level…You must level up.

All the dreams, wishes and desires do NOTHING until you work on you.

Work on your fears

Work on your doubts

Work on your judgements of yourself and others.

Evolve your circle, spend time with people who inspire you.

Remove people from your life who drain you or pull you down.

Work on your discipline.

Work on your mindset.

Pump positivity into your mind everyday.

Be a giver not just a taker.

Work on being the best version of you.

And always remember you ONLY have 24hours in a day and all that really matters is how you use them. Make the most of those precious hours.

Be the 5%

Dare to be You…Dare to be Alpha.