The Fuel To My Fire.

The power of the human mind, will and spirt is vastly underestimated in my opinion. And it’s probably ourselves that underestimate JUST how much we can do when we put our mind to something.

One year ago I remember this specific moment so clear…

Standing watching 10 of my fellow competitors walk out onto the competition floor, each one of them having their names read out and having the crowd cheers as they walked to their starting positions.

These 10 men had made it into the final of the Jolee Crossfit Competition. Which is a in house competition between the athletes within the Jolee Crossfit Box group. It’s by no means the Crossfit Games, however the athletes on show are ALL fighting for pride and that podium position, All good athletes in their own right.

One year ago I had to sit at the side and watch the final workout go ahead without me in it. It was my first ever real Crossfit competition so even making the final that day would have been tough…But I set very high standards of myself. The disappointment I felt that day was intense. In that moment as I watched these 10 guys go out for that final event I said to myself…

“Next year I will return to this competition and I’ll make the podium”.

In that moment I made a promise to myself and one I vowed to actually keep.

In the past I’ve made promises to myself, I’ll achieve this, or I’ll do that but somehow I end up finding ways of letting myself down. Giving up and putting it off. How many times have you said to yourself, I’m going to achieve X,Y,Z but ended up putting it off, or giving up?

HOWEVER for me this time it was different.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this before in a certain area of your life? But when I started Crossfit training to be a competitive Crossfit athlete I just new it was for me. I just felt that I was made to do this. I know it might sound stupid to some, or maybe even a little arrogant to others, But I just new this is what I was made AND wanted to do.

So that day when I made ‘that’ promise to myself something in me clicked. A light went on and I new I was going to do whatever it took to make it back to the competition next year and do so in the best physical and mental shape of my life to podium.

This for me is the power of setting the ‘RIGHT’ goals for yourself.

Something you are hugely passionate about. Something that keeps you awake at night. Something that will get you to ‘do the work’ even when you can’t be bothered, or when your tired…This is the power of setting the ‘right’ goals for you.

Goals, success and high standards in life are NOT achieved when you ‘only’ work on them when you can be bothered. 

Far to often we as human allow our FEELINGS and EMOTIONS to dictate the effort we put into working on our goals. And this is why for so many of us we can miss the mark because we just do it when we feel like it.

Your dreams are turned into a reality when you are willing to consistently put the WORK IN regardless of how you feel, your emotions, your frame of mind, your lifestyle.

You have to in my opinion become almost robotic to it. All emotion is taken away and all you do…Is DO. You do whatever it is you need to do to ensure your goals are achieved.

And that’s what I had to do to.

Every day, every week, every month for 1 year I did what I needed to do.

  • I worked out 8-10 x per week every week, never missed a workout EVEN when on holiday.
  • I ate healthy and fuelled my body correctly around workouts.
  • I sacrificed nights out, meals out, drinking, social events.
  • I started to workout with better athletes and surround myself with people who are fitter, stronger and better Crossfitter’s than me.
  • I busted my ass in the gym so hard I’ve had to peel myself off the floor.
  • I got around the right people, coaches and support networks.
  • Every week I worked on my mental game. My mindset and mental strength.
  • I pushed myself to work on my weaknesses and continue to improve my strengths.
  • I entered other competitions during the year to improve my confidence and event strategy.

And I did this consistently for a year. And this is what counts.

Did I live like a monk for a year?…NO. I’ve been on holiday, I’ve been on stag do’s. I’ve had nights out. I’ve ate cake, chocolate. There’s been times when I could have pushed a little harder in the gym.

But I have always put the work in.

I tell you this NOT to impress you, but to impress upon you that it’s the consistency that counts towards you achieving your own goals. Not just doing it for a month, or going all in when you can be bothered. It’s the day to day small steps that when added together allow you to leap forward.

Fast forward to Sunday 17th September and my return to the Jolee Throwdown.

This time I was ready to go. That morning when I woke up I said to myself;

“I’ve done everything I could and was willing to do, I’m ready”.

After 5 brutal workouts. Throwing down against some very good competition. Getting pushed to my physical limits, achieving some personal bests, I ended up finishing 2nd.


For me I feel like I WON 2nd place. Leaving it all on the competition floor and knowing that I did everything I could do that day. A proud moment and a significant ‘little win’ for me personally.

So what now?

For me it’s some down time to reflect and start to plot for the next 12 months. The next stage of competition. What I need to work on and improve, how I’m going to do this and what are my major goals for next year?

I wrote this blog post because I know what’s possible when we put our minds and hearts into something.

Whatever you need for fuel to motivate you, for me it was the disappointment of missing out last year. So for you, find that fuel to your fire and light that b*tch up.

Your goals are there for the taking…You’ve just got to be willing to ‘DO THE WORK’.

Before I leave you I’m reminded of something Crossfit Athlete Josh Bridges said;

“You better love the journey and the pain because the podium lasts about 2minutes” 

And this is so true for ANY goal. The journey and the effort you put in day in day out is what you MUST love. It’s what should motivate and inspire you. Because the winning, the success, the money, the podium, that reaching the goal at the end doesn’t last long at all because for us Alpha’s…It’s always on to the NEXT goal.


Dare to be Alpha.

Alpha Dave.