We Learn From Our Mistakes Not Our Wins.

There are some very powerful lessons that we CAN learn as a result of mistakes, setbacks, mishaps or even our failures. These lessons, if learned have the capacity to transform our future success.

Now I don’t really like using that word…Failure because we never truly fail. However I know that that particular word is used to describe a particular event that we have had a lack of success in.

What I learned…

On Saturday I took part in another Crossfit finals competition, This one was called ‘Battle For Middle Ground’. I was entered into the middle ground category which was an intermediate comp.

During this competition us athletes had 4 events to complete and one event to complete 2 weeks prior to the competition starting, so 5 events in total.

The Events: 


This is how my competition stacked up.

  • Event 0 (the one we did 2 weeks before the event). This was a 10 rep max push press, back squat and deadlift all set in 12min total = 16th.
  • Event 1 = 2nd
  • Event 2 part A = 26th
  • Event 2 part B = 1st
  • Event 3 = 12th
  • Event 4 = 3rd.

Overall my finish was 4th and I narrowly missed the podium by 3 points.

As you can see I had some very good finishes throughout the day however a 16th and a 26th place finish in 2 events stopped me reaching that podium. And this is what myself and you can learn from our mistakes.

See a win doesn’t really tell you that much, ok it tells you what you’re doing is probably working, or maybe you were a little lucky, but a loss can give us so much more information.

For me when it comes to Crossfit I know where my weaknesses lie, I have tangible results and data that conform this its not just based on theory or feelings. To win a Crossfit competition of this standard I would need to finish all my events at a minimum inside the top 10 on everything, maybe even top 5.

I had 3 event finishes outside the top 10 and then 3 top 3 placings. This shows my inconsistency as an athlete and what my strengths and weaknesses are.

I believe that for any of us it’s our loses that can show us what we need to fix.

Take any area of life you may have come up short in, work, career, business, sport, hobbies, financial. You’ll have come up short and missed your mark and this is where we LEARN. Our mistakes highlight the part/s of us we need to improve upon, or the extra knowledge, skills, abilities we need to get or improve upon so we have better success next time.

A setback gives us data, an actual tangible result that when analysed tells us what we need to do next time so we don’t get the SAME result. 

I challenge you to look at where your coming up short, what might be holding you back, what areas could you be making mistakes in that are affecting your bigger picture and correct these. Look at the information that’s been given to you, be honest with yourself and then ‘Do The Work’ to correct them.

I could easily look at my high place finishes and think to myself ‘I’m doing ok, I’m winning events and coming top 3’. And YES that is nice to see but in all honesty it means nothing to me if I’m not winning the competition overall.

I’d rather come top 5 in all the events and WIN the competition overall, than win a few workouts and miss the podium.

For me that’s the fuel to my fire, my motivation, my drive. Knowing I can get better and doing what it takes. I’m not the complete athlete yet, Im not the complete performance coach or motivational speaker I know I can be. That’s why everyday I try and improve one part of each of these.

I look at what I suck at, what I’m weak at, I’m honest with myself, self critical and I look to putting it right.

In Crossfit it can be difficult for some athletes to admit they are weak at something, they don’t like to be in the gym surrounded by their friends, fellow athletes, competitors and look foolish as they try and master a skill, lift or improve strength in things they are weak at. Ego can very easily get in the way here, and I’ll admit I do feel this way from time time to time.

But it’s only when we embrace these moments, these workouts, these opportunities to get better that we WILL actually improve.

I won’t be competing in individual competitions for about 6-8months now. I’ll only be doing team comps or maybe something individual for fun, but for major individual comps i’ll be taking a back seat so I can work on my weaknesses and come back a stronger athlete. I’ll be putting the work in so I correct the mistakes as I work towards my long term goal.

So my challenge to you is be prepared to screw up, miss your mark and have setbacks. You’ll discover these when you step out your comfort zone and when you start pushing to your goals. In these moments I challenge you to look at your weaknesses, be self critical, be honest with yourself and then do the work to put it right for next time.


Because when you do then you grow, evolve, level up and get closer to your goal. You have to be aware of your weaknesses as much as your strengths because this is also where you need your attention. Then you can correct them and move further forward.

I challenge you to do what it takes in training, in self development, in self mastery and be prepared to fail. I challenge you to get out your comfort zone and maybe even feel like you look foolish from time to time because when you embrace your ability to learn from mistakes then there isn’t ANYTHING that can stop your progress apart from your own ego. 

Alpha Dave.


Mistake + Correction = Learning. 



My Next Crossfit Competition

My next Crossfit Competition will be this Saturday and I’ll be competing at the ‘First Means Everything’ Finals.

My focus and mindset going into this competition is to give my absolute best and I will leave ‘everything’ I’ve got on the competition floor.

As they would say “The hay is in the barn”. I’m the most physically and mentally prepared I have EVER been for a competition and this Saturday will be my opportunity to put all the preparation to the test.

However it’s the journey that pushes me.

See the goal does not matter as much as we believe it does. Regardless of size, scale, time frame, why you want it etc…None of this matters as much as the process…aka the journey.

The journey we undertake to move us towards our goal/s, that’s where we must excel. That’s where we must find happiness, joy, fun, freedom, contentment and personal growth.

The goal will never be the be-all-end-all, it’s the journey that should make us feel alive, passionate, purposeful.

Sure the goal is important because it gives us direction, something to work towards and clarity of our progress, a kind of test at the end to see how well we’ve performed, or a pat on the back for something achieved.

I could never reach my goals if I hated the process and that’s because it doesn’t matter how motivated I am, if my hearts not truly in it then its not for me.

The purpose of the process is to change you.


Will the journey be easy?

Absolutely not, it will test you, push you and move you further out of your comfort zone than ever before because that this is the purpose of the process. The process is meant to ‘CHANGE’ you.

You can not be the same person you are right now today if you want more, better, bigger, happier, healthier, freedom in your life. The very idea of having more means you as a person MUST become MORE.

You need to level up, grow, self develop and move yourself onto a high plain in life. Then once you are committed to this, then the goal becomes closer.

And remember with any goal, once it’s been achieved and then celebrated you’ll always desire something else. This is what makes the greats…Great. They never settle, they never stop, they never stagnate, their desire never stops. When it does they leave that area of life behind and move on.

When the journey stops being your purpose in life, then you’ll discover a new path to follow.

Note, that when you set a goal for yourself and you feel that rush of excitement comes over you with all the possibilities it will bring to your life, I encourage you to start thinking about the journey YOU must take to achieve that specific outcome.


Consider WHO do you need to become to achieve your goal/s.

What will your daily habits will look like?

What will your weekly schedule look like?

What does your mindset need to become?

Who you will need to bring into your life to support you?

What strengths do you have that will assist you?

What areas do you need to improve?

What skills and knowledge you will need to adopt?

How much this is going to take from your life, commitment level?


There is a personal transformation you will need to go through to reach your ambitions in life and it will change you.

Be ready for change because it’s one of the only certainties in life.

Alpha Dave.

The Fuel To My Fire.

The power of the human mind, will and spirt is vastly underestimated in my opinion. And it’s probably ourselves that underestimate JUST how much we can do when we put our mind to something.

One year ago I remember this specific moment so clear…

Standing watching 10 of my fellow competitors walk out onto the competition floor, each one of them having their names read out and having the crowd cheers as they walked to their starting positions.

These 10 men had made it into the final of the Jolee Crossfit Competition. Which is a in house competition between the athletes within the Jolee Crossfit Box group. It’s by no means the Crossfit Games, however the athletes on show are ALL fighting for pride and that podium position, All good athletes in their own right.

One year ago I had to sit at the side and watch the final workout go ahead without me in it. It was my first ever real Crossfit competition so even making the final that day would have been tough…But I set very high standards of myself. The disappointment I felt that day was intense. In that moment as I watched these 10 guys go out for that final event I said to myself…

“Next year I will return to this competition and I’ll make the podium”.

In that moment I made a promise to myself and one I vowed to actually keep.

In the past I’ve made promises to myself, I’ll achieve this, or I’ll do that but somehow I end up finding ways of letting myself down. Giving up and putting it off. How many times have you said to yourself, I’m going to achieve X,Y,Z but ended up putting it off, or giving up?

HOWEVER for me this time it was different.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this before in a certain area of your life? But when I started Crossfit training to be a competitive Crossfit athlete I just new it was for me. I just felt that I was made to do this. I know it might sound stupid to some, or maybe even a little arrogant to others, But I just new this is what I was made AND wanted to do.

So that day when I made ‘that’ promise to myself something in me clicked. A light went on and I new I was going to do whatever it took to make it back to the competition next year and do so in the best physical and mental shape of my life to podium.

This for me is the power of setting the ‘RIGHT’ goals for yourself.

Something you are hugely passionate about. Something that keeps you awake at night. Something that will get you to ‘do the work’ even when you can’t be bothered, or when your tired…This is the power of setting the ‘right’ goals for you.

Goals, success and high standards in life are NOT achieved when you ‘only’ work on them when you can be bothered. 

Far to often we as human allow our FEELINGS and EMOTIONS to dictate the effort we put into working on our goals. And this is why for so many of us we can miss the mark because we just do it when we feel like it.

Your dreams are turned into a reality when you are willing to consistently put the WORK IN regardless of how you feel, your emotions, your frame of mind, your lifestyle.

You have to in my opinion become almost robotic to it. All emotion is taken away and all you do…Is DO. You do whatever it is you need to do to ensure your goals are achieved.

And that’s what I had to do to.

Every day, every week, every month for 1 year I did what I needed to do.

  • I worked out 8-10 x per week every week, never missed a workout EVEN when on holiday.
  • I ate healthy and fuelled my body correctly around workouts.
  • I sacrificed nights out, meals out, drinking, social events.
  • I started to workout with better athletes and surround myself with people who are fitter, stronger and better Crossfitter’s than me.
  • I busted my ass in the gym so hard I’ve had to peel myself off the floor.
  • I got around the right people, coaches and support networks.
  • Every week I worked on my mental game. My mindset and mental strength.
  • I pushed myself to work on my weaknesses and continue to improve my strengths.
  • I entered other competitions during the year to improve my confidence and event strategy.

And I did this consistently for a year. And this is what counts.

Did I live like a monk for a year?…NO. I’ve been on holiday, I’ve been on stag do’s. I’ve had nights out. I’ve ate cake, chocolate. There’s been times when I could have pushed a little harder in the gym.

But I have always put the work in.

I tell you this NOT to impress you, but to impress upon you that it’s the consistency that counts towards you achieving your own goals. Not just doing it for a month, or going all in when you can be bothered. It’s the day to day small steps that when added together allow you to leap forward.

Fast forward to Sunday 17th September and my return to the Jolee Throwdown.

This time I was ready to go. That morning when I woke up I said to myself;

“I’ve done everything I could and was willing to do, I’m ready”.

After 5 brutal workouts. Throwing down against some very good competition. Getting pushed to my physical limits, achieving some personal bests, I ended up finishing 2nd.


For me I feel like I WON 2nd place. Leaving it all on the competition floor and knowing that I did everything I could do that day. A proud moment and a significant ‘little win’ for me personally.

So what now?

For me it’s some down time to reflect and start to plot for the next 12 months. The next stage of competition. What I need to work on and improve, how I’m going to do this and what are my major goals for next year?

I wrote this blog post because I know what’s possible when we put our minds and hearts into something.

Whatever you need for fuel to motivate you, for me it was the disappointment of missing out last year. So for you, find that fuel to your fire and light that b*tch up.

Your goals are there for the taking…You’ve just got to be willing to ‘DO THE WORK’.

Before I leave you I’m reminded of something Crossfit Athlete Josh Bridges said;

“You better love the journey and the pain because the podium lasts about 2minutes” 

And this is so true for ANY goal. The journey and the effort you put in day in day out is what you MUST love. It’s what should motivate and inspire you. Because the winning, the success, the money, the podium, that reaching the goal at the end doesn’t last long at all because for us Alpha’s…It’s always on to the NEXT goal.


Dare to be Alpha.

Alpha Dave.





It Doesn’t Matter How Big or Small…Progress is Progress.

When we are flying high its easy to stay on track with our goals…BUT what happens when we stagnate for a period and start to struggle?

What can we do to keep us moving forward and NOT quitting?

When it comes to your goals, your ambitions, chasing down your dreams in ANY area of life the MAIN thing we ‘want’ to see and feel happen is…PROGRESS.

If we are a goal orientated person we have a need to feel like we’re moving forward and getting closer to the outcome we want…

And when we are making progress we feel happy.

However when we stagnate for a period of time we think somethings wrong. We stop believing in what we are doing and we can even start doubting ourselves and our journey.

Here’s the thing…

How much progress can and should we make at any given time when it comes to our goals?

Speaking truthfully there is NO time scale for any of us that dictate’s we should achieve goal X in X amount of time.

Of cause we can plan, prepare, set targets for ourselves to attain our goal/s…This then gives us something to work towards. It gives us boundaries, time scales and something to believe in.

However all the planning and preparing in the world ISN’T a guaranteed science.

The time it takes to achieve your goal/s is so varied that NO one can ever truly say how long it can or will take.

And this goes for ANY goal from losing 2stone to something like winning an Olympic Gold Medal.

All we can ever truly hope for is progress…The feeling of moving forward or getting somewhere near the outcome we want. 

The speed of that progress is affected both directly and indirectly by us.


For an example let’s take something like aiming to drop 2stone.

At first the progress can be quite fast.

Losing 2-4lbs per week. By adding in exercise and eating healthy the weight comes off quickly over the first 2-4 weeks. This person loses a stone in around 4-6 weeks.

Then as they start to work on losing the 2nd stone things start to slow down.

So they up their training intensity and eat a little heathier.

They continue to lose weight but it’s slower, 1-2 lbs per week.

Then they reach a point where they stagnate, the last 6lbs. They have lost 1 1/2 stone’s in 8-10 weeks but now those last few lbs won’t shift.

However as they continue to exercise and because of this they are stronger, fitter, they wake up on a morning and feel energised. There skin is clear and healthy. They feel happier and healthier than they have done in years.

So they’re STILL making progress with their body and health, so progress is still being made.


Here’s where the magic happens…When we see positive improvements in ANYTHING from;

Body, fitness, strength, business, relationships, income, self confidence…

We are MUCH more likely to keep doing the things that are making those improvements and when we stay consistent so over time we eventually reach our goals.

BUT the key to success is continuing to work on your goals when your progress has stagnated. This is where MOST people stop, give up or quit. It takes a very committed person with the right people around them to push through in times of self doubt and struggle.

The way to look at this is this…If you keep going, stick at it, make small adjustments to certain areas and stay patient then eventually you’ll break through the wall and move closer to your goal. 

BUT if you quit, give up, stop trying then you are guaranteeing that you’ll NEVER reach it. 


The aim is ALWAYS to keep going because progress is progress and it doesn’t matter how big or how small that it.


If you’re looking for giant leaps forward, big life transforming moments, or over night success then you have probably bought into some BS notion that people are successful overnight. Some media hyped crap that anyone can make it and success is easily achieved without little sacrifice.

HOWEVER…Any successful individual in sport, business, career, love, life has put years and years of hard work, sacrifice, commitment, persistence into chasing their dreams…And all your seeing is their efforts paying off. You’re seeing the fruits of their hard work.

If you desire success and to achieve your goals you’ll need all the above and on top of that you’ll need a lot of…Patience.

Be patient, follow your plan, say focused and make progress. It doesn’t matter how big or how small just keep moving forward.

Dare to be Alpha.

Alpha Dave.







Is The Social Media Syndrome Screwing us?

The social media syndrome is something that a friend of mine calls it, however I thought it was a great name to explain the social phenomenon that’s transforming how we look at our lives and how we compare it to others.

Now before you get the wrong end of the stick I’m by no means bashing social media, I think it’s an amazing tool. It’s great for interaction, reaching audiences of people we wouldn’t have had access too. It’s a great way of keeping in touch, building brands and your personal brand. And obviously a way for us to stick our noses into other peoples lives…I’m joking about that one by the way…Well not really :-).

However this is where social media gets a bit murky and can have a negative affect on our lives and our possible futures.

I’m personally a huge believer in that you can have almost ANYTHING you desire in life, your goals, aims, ambitions. I say ‘almost’ because I believe you still need to have skills and aptitude towards your chosen path,,,But by no means is it the most vital part of the mix but it goes a long way.

I also believe that if you discover, What you want, you work hard for it, surround yourself with the right people and you have patience then you have a recipe for success.


The biggest things you must FIRST discover before ANY of the above will work for you is:

  1. Who are YOU? 
  2. What do you want? 

I 100% believe that you must discover who you are as a person, what you believe, what your deepest darkest secrets are, what your BS is, what your excuses are, what your thoughts are, what your interests and passions are…And TRULY discover who you are as a person.

Once you’ve done this then and ONLY then can you understand what you want from life (your goals). Only then can you know what will make you happy and how it fits for you.

And that’s it right? Its about what makes us happy at the end of the day.

Soooo, here’s where the social media syndrome kicks in.

We scroll social media sites and look at OTHER people’s lives (nothing wrong with that, we all do it). We look at what they are doing, where they live. what car they drive, what holidays they go on, what physical shape they are in, how happy they are, how much money they look to have etc etc.

We scroll through and look at other peoples lives through a very small lense or screen.

Then what? And here’s where it can get off track for some people.

We compare. We compare and start to compete. 

  • Why don’t I have XYZ? 
  • They look happy in their lives and I don’t feel as happy in mine.  
  • Should I upgrade my house, car, holiday home, life, partner?  
  • Do I need to have a six pack or a booty to be attractive? 
  • My sport, competitive times and wins aren’t as good as theres so I mustn’t be as good as an athlete as them.
  • They have more followers or get more ‘likes’ than me so they must be more popular than I am.  
  • I need a new job that pays me more money because I NEED more money? 
  • I mustn’t be fulfilled or happy like this person because my relationship doesn’t look likes theirs.


This is just a very brief summary of things that can go through our heads when we get onto social media and compare.

Here’s the thing…

We then start getting trapped into other peoples lives and start building our LIVES around what we THINK we want or what we THINK will make us happy. We follow other peoples social media highlight reel (It’s called a highlight because many people only share the GOOD things on social media) that we forget about WHO WE truly are and WHAT WE truly want.

Our goals, dreams and ambitions get put to one side, or forgotten about as we chase an ‘ideal’.

A life that we probably never intended for ourselves buts it’s what we THINK we should do or have. Its what we assume will make us happy because it is what others on social media are doing. Its the life our friends, colleagues and those we follow have.

And we end up getting LOST.

 – We work jobs we hate just for money we don’t need and forget about our passions and purpose in life. 

 – We buy things we don’t want or need and get into debt over them. Having to work even harder and longer in our uninspiring jobs to pay for these things. 

 – We assume that unless we look like an Instragram model we are unattractive and this has a serious negative affect on our mental health, self esteem, self image and confidence. 

– We think that unless I’m making X amount per year then I’m NOT making it in life, business, career. 

We end up losing the sense of what makes us unique…Our individuality

This is what makes you and I unique. It’s the fact that we have our own mind, thoughts, beliefs, up-bring, dreams, goals and outlook on life.

And we miss this and get trapped into the social media bubble…The Social Media Syndrome.

Its time to lift your head up and start to decide what it is YOU want. What will make you truly happy, unfilled and content?

Ask yourself these questions and take time with the answers;

  1. Who am I?
  2. What do i truly want? 

Answer these questions and understand YOU more and you’re ahead of 95% of the population. More importantly when you know the answers you can work towards YOUR dreams.

This is your life and NOW is the time to pursue what will make you happy in life, purpose, body, relationships and mindset.

Discover your inner Alpha.

Alpha Dave.















Alpha’s Don’t Allow TIME To Control Them.


Alpha’s don’t allow TIME to dictate them or when THEY work on their goals.

So often we get hung up on the false reality of time.

Yeah i said it, time is BS, its false and man made.

The whole 9-5,

Monday – Sunday thing is crap.

There’s day and there’s night and that’s it.

And here’s the thing…

YOU decide when you’re working on your goals…NOT when time allows you too.

The other night I had to get a 2nd workout in and didn’t get finished until 10pm.

Did i care that is was 10pm?

Hell NO.

And this isn’t the first time I’ve worked out late on a night, late on a Saturday night, early Sunday mornings…Whatever it takes.

The goal matters more to me than the time and this is what you need to consider if you are going to reach your goals and ambitions in life.

Sure you’ve got a family, commitments…I get that because I do too.

And I ain’t saying you need to be at work until midnight or whatever.

What I am saying is that is the goal matters to you then you’ll find away to work on it REGARDLESS of time.


To many people let time, days, months, years dictate and control their life. Time passes and so do their goals because of it.


You have a choose and its this simple…

The sun will rise tomorrow…

So are you going to pursue your dreams or not? 


That’s the choice you have and it really is that simple do don’t over complicate it.


When the sun sets tonight will you feel you’ve done all you can to reach your goals or keep you on track? 


You don’t need productivity hacks, trick and other BS.

It really is that simple.

Work on your goals

Or don’t.

Which will it be for you?


Dare to be Alpha


Alpha David


Photocredit to Ian Weldon of Weldon Photography.







Crossfit – The European Team Championships

What an absolutely amazing day and experience with these guys competing yesterday at the Crossfit European Team Championships 2017.
As a team we finished 23rd out of 100 teams that qualified.
It was an absolute pleasure to compete with a great bunch of friends and achieve such great memories together. Thank you Paul Moore Lisa Howland-Scott Rebecca Nesbit Ash Balfour. Thank you guys for your belief in me to put me into your team, your support, your coaching and for making the weekend a brilliant experience.
On a personal note I feel I had the competition of my life to date. Achieving some PBs and competing against some very very high level athletes and doing myself proud.
Onwards and upwards for my future in this sport.
Also thank you to Chris Mason for his continued support, coaching and belief in me. It’s very much appreciated.
And the biggest thanks goes to Helenlee Whalley for not only her amazing photos of the day but her continued support and belief in me throughout my journey in the sport. Which is the most important thing. Love you x.
And finally thank you to EVERYONE for your kind messages, encouragement and support it means a lot.

The competition itself was packed with quality athletes and you had to be on top of your game.

The highlight for me was my 125kg Squat Clean PB, which was 17.5kg PB. And doing unbroken chest to bar pull-ups in the semi-final as well as syncro Bar Muscle ups, considering I couldn’t even do 1 muscle up 8 weeks ago.

I’ve had some down time over the past 2 weeks then after this it will be full steam ahead to the next competition and preparing to become the best athlete i possibly can be.

Never forget guys the journey can be MORE important than the destination.

Dare to be Alpha.

Alpha Dave