1:2:1 Performance Coaching


I Coach and Work With Ambitious Men to Unlock Their TRUE Potential With Their Business, Direction, Confidence and Mindset.


Men usually come to me for ONE or MORE of the following:

+ You aren’t operating or reaching your full potential and just feel like you are treading water. 

+ You have an opportunity to go to that next level but you haven’t moved on it because you either lack direction, clarity, confidence or conviction in your decision making.

+ You find yourself constantly consumed by your business and it’s impacting other areas of your life, family and you feel out of balance.

+ You struggle to manage yourself and your time effectively and it’s increasing your stress levels, overwhelm and it’s negatively impacting your health, mind and life.

+ You would love to become a more effective leader of your business and create sustainable growth and an increase in overall profitability.

If so, then I am here to support you.

The power of 1-1 coaching is something that has to be experienced and not bought directly off the shelf like another glorified self help book. Coaching has the potential to move you out of the pain, pressure and stress you experience and into a mode of creating what you want most for your life and taking the aligned action to get it.

I focus on working with clients who want to grow their business and income and how that is aligned to their “bigger picture” of life, family, health and purpose.

My approach is this way because of my own challenges and the times in my life when I was ‘all’ business and this behaviour sabotaged my relationships and mental sanity. I felt lost, unsure of myself and stressed and this was all because I was focused on just business size, income and success and not how it aligned to the life I wanted to live and my purpose as a man.

Through my own experience, learning and self development, I work with men. Ambitious men who want to unlock their potential in business, mind, life and health.

What Will You Get With 1:2:1 Coaching?


  • Weekly coaching sessions on a 1-1 basis.
  • A structured goal plan and clarity around your direction.
  • Actionable steps to take after each session and the accountability to doing them.
  • EIQ Emotional Quotient Assessment and debrief quarterly.
  • Weekly check-in and updates.


What Type of Coaching Do I Offer?


My purpose and passion when I work with my clients is create life altering, transformational results and breakthroughs. FOr this my clients require big goals that they are passionate about achieving.

All sessions are 1-1 and depending on your location will be either face-2-face or coaching calls online.

My coaching fees are also a commitment and there is a reason for this. Not only for my time, expertise and the fact I can only work with a hand full of clients at anyone time, However through experience, when clients make a solid commitment to themselves and their self development, they do the work. When they do the work their lives positively transform. My coaching fees are £500 per month.

What Next?


My coaching is invite and referral ONLY. Which means we have to meet or speak first before I will work with you…There’s no ‘just sign up here’ option. The purpose of this is we both need to know if we are a good fit for each other and where I can support you towards your goals. So there’s ONLY 2 ways we can start the process of working together.

1. Attend one of my live Man-Unleashed Events (10 attendees MAX)

My next event is to be confirmed for Feb 2020. 

2. Book a 1-1 discovery.

A discovery call is for me to discover what challenge you are facing or what opportunity you are not taking, and discover what action is required. Coaching is unique and is something that has to be experienced, not sold. The discovery call is an opportunity for you to experience first hand what it is like for us to work together and me to coach you…Without making an commitment other than time.

If during this time we both feel that we are a good fit for each other and that coaching together is right, then we can look at options.

Email me direct at wilkinsondj@hotmail.co.uk

Or message me via linkedin HERE.