For Men Who Are Chained To Their Business But What To “Finally” Create MORE Fulfilment, Freedom, Fun and Financial Success.

If you’re a man who struggles with – 

  • The mental, physical and emotional strain running a business puts on you and your family
  • Feeling overwhelmed with guilt every time you take your foot off the gas
  • Being plagued with anxiety because you’re tied to your business

and want to – 

  • Unleash total confidence in business and gain the respect you deserve while stepping up as an industry leader in your field
  • Develop relentless discipline that takes your productivity and income to the next level
  • Break free of self-limiting and destructive behaviour patterns keeping you stuck in the chaos of your own mind
  • And do this while having MORE time for fun, and for family

This program is designed specifically for you.

I’ll show you how to ……

  • Dramatically power up your confidence to lead effectively in business, even if you’ve struggled with confidence issues, suffered from self-doubt or imposter syndrome.
  • Eliminate procrastination and overwhelm, even on those days when motivation is at rock bottom.
  • Move forward in business while winning back 5, 10, even 20+ hours per week, giving you the kind of business (and lifestyle,) you’ve always dreamed of…

Join Me, High Performance Coach David Wilkinson on This Year’s Exclusive Male Only Program.

We’ll work for 90 days on upgrading your mindset, body, business and lighting a fire of unstoppable motivation in you so you can create the success you desire!


  • 90 Day Access to my online coaching and training Men-Unleashed platform. Packed with 6 modules to train, inspire and educate you on how to upgrade the CORE 6 parts of your life WITHOUT it taking over your life.

  • You’ll get 3 x 1-1 private, high impact coaching calls directly with me.

  • You’ll get to attend a FREE in person Mastermind day with me and all the guys on the program. A full day committed to support everyone to level up and take massive action. *(Chances are you might be reading this during COVID-19 situation. I’ll be ensuring the in person mastermind does go ahead even after the 90 day period, it will just take place AFTER the lockdown is over)

  • Added to my private members only group where you’ll get unlimited access to me and the other guys so you don’t feel like you’re going it alone anymore.

  • You’ll be given full accountability to ensure you win and achieve your goals over the 90 days.


  • I’ll deliver 4 x monthly Personal Performance training sessions that align to the program modules. These are LIVE coaching and training calls direct with me to give you the strategies, tools, breakthroughs and awareness to push forward with your goals and take massive action. Whilst also upgrading your mindset and self confidence.

  • I’ll deliver 4 x monthly business coaching calls that align to the program modules. These are LIVE coaching calls focused on all things business, marketing, sales, growth and becoming becoming a highly impactful leader in your business and field.

  • You’ll be personally coached and supported by me to ensure that in 90 days you will achieve the goals and outcomes you set yourself.

Join Men-Unleashed 90 Day Coaching and Mentoring Program For £597

*option to pay in one off payment or £597 or 2 payments of £299

One off Payment Option

2 x Payment option

See what my clients are saying about Men-Unleashed

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What happens when I order today?

When you click to join you’ll be taken to our 100% secure order page. Enter your details there. And that’s it. You’ll then land on a page/receive an email giving you access to the first steps. From there we’ll jump on a 15 minute turbo call to clarify the details.

How does the coaching program work?

We start by jumping on what I call a ‘discovery call’ via Zoom, this is 60 minutes in length and the purpose of this is for us to map out exactly what you want to achieve, create and accomplish over the next 90 days. Mapping out the exact strategy you’ll take, the What, Where, When, How and Why.  Every week you’ll be taken through 1 live online module (Shhh I can’t say what’s in there until you are on the program) BUT they are live training and coaching sessions giving you the mindset transformation, performance upgrades and every system you need to reach your goals in Body, Mind, Business and Life.  We’ll also have 1 x 1-2-1 coaching session together every month so we can dial in your focus, systems and business. Also if required I can support you beyond any self doubts, limiting beliefs or challenges/stress you face. 

What happens if I can’t make the Live Online Modules? 

Don’t worry they are recorded and uploaded into the private Men-Unleashed group. The live sessions are also always there for you to revert back to when required. 

What’s involved in the 1 day Mastermind?

It’s an entire day of coaching, training and mentoring centred around helping every individual in the room take massive action in their business around their sales, marketing, client message, and systems.  As well as unique live coached techniques to break through mental barriers and give you tools you can use beyond the program.  You’ll also collaborate with others on the mastermind and work to enhance each others journey. Plus guys will share their breakthroughs and what’s been working for them over the past 90 days.  You’ll be fed and watered all day to ensure your belly is full and your brain is fired up. PLUS – There be an option of going into an immersion experience to shift attendees beyond self doubts and fears – Can’t say too much about this because it’s a secret, but it involved you diving deep into yourself. 

Where will the mastermind happen?

The mastermind will happen in North East, location, date to be confirmed once we know more about the COVID-19 situation. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

YES, within the first 30 Days. If you feel you are not getting value out of this program then you can request your money back.