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Service Recommendations


“I recently attended David’s “Winning the Day” training event with my daughter and found David’s passion and drive for his subject infectious. His professional delivery style was such that he was able to hold the attention of his audience. He created a relaxed, safe, learning environment that encouraged audience participation. I found David’s sharing of his own and of other’s self discovery inspirational. I would Highly Recommend “Winning the Day” to anyone of all ages who want to leave feeling empowered to start their journey of upgrading their mind and body in order to confidentially reach their full potential”.

Tracey Etchells

“I attended Dave’s Win Your Day event on Tuesday and left the room fired up and ready for change. My morning routine now has new found purpose and direction and I’m working on goals I’d previously given up on.
Having worked with Dave before I knew this would be an inspirational event. Dave will get more out of you, than you ever thought possible, without any bull or unwanted pressure. He is the most well rounded coach I have came across: Energetic, knowledgeable and honest, continually seeking to improve for himself and his clients. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dave if you want change and need a little extra push in the right direction”.

Louise Morris Northumbrian Water