Alpha’s don’t allow TIME to dictate them or when THEY work on their goals.

So often we get hung up on the false reality of time.

Yeah i said it, time is BS, its false and man made.

The whole 9-5,

Monday – Sunday thing is crap.

There’s day and there’s night and that’s it.

And here’s the thing…

YOU decide when you’re working on your goals…NOT when time allows you too.

The other night I had to get a 2nd workout in and didn’t get finished until 10pm.

Did i care that is was 10pm?

Hell NO.

And this isn’t the first time I’ve worked out late on a night, late on a Saturday night, early Sunday mornings…Whatever it takes.

The goal matters more to me than the time and this is what you need to consider if you are going to reach your goals and ambitions in life.

Sure you’ve got a family, commitments…I get that because I do too.

And I ain’t saying you need to be at work until midnight or whatever.

What I am saying is that is the goal matters to you then you’ll find away to work on it REGARDLESS of time.


To many people let time, days, months, years dictate and control their life. Time passes and so do their goals because of it.


You have a choose and its this simple…

The sun will rise tomorrow…

So are you going to pursue your dreams or not? 


That’s the choice you have and it really is that simple do don’t over complicate it.


When the sun sets tonight will you feel you’ve done all you can to reach your goals or keep you on track? 


You don’t need productivity hacks, trick and other BS.

It really is that simple.

Work on your goals

Or don’t.

Which will it be for you?


Dare to be Alpha


Alpha David


Photocredit to Ian Weldon of Weldon Photography.







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