What an absolutely amazing day and experience with these guys competing yesterday at the Crossfit European Team Championships 2017.
As a team we finished 23rd out of 100 teams that qualified.
It was an absolute pleasure to compete with a great bunch of friends and achieve such great memories together. Thank you Paul Moore Lisa Howland-Scott Rebecca Nesbit Ash Balfour. Thank you guys for your belief in me to put me into your team, your support, your coaching and for making the weekend a brilliant experience.
On a personal note I feel I had the competition of my life to date. Achieving some PBs and competing against some very very high level athletes and doing myself proud.
Onwards and upwards for my future in this sport.
Also thank you to Chris Mason for his continued support, coaching and belief in me. It’s very much appreciated.
And the biggest thanks goes to Helenlee Whalley for not only her amazing photos of the day but her continued support and belief in me throughout my journey in the sport. Which is the most important thing. Love you x.
And finally thank you to EVERYONE for your kind messages, encouragement and support it means a lot.

The competition itself was packed with quality athletes and you had to be on top of your game.

The highlight for me was my 125kg Squat Clean PB, which was 17.5kg PB. And doing unbroken chest to bar pull-ups in the semi-final as well as syncro Bar Muscle ups, considering I couldn’t even do 1 muscle up 8 weeks ago.

I’ve had some down time over the past 2 weeks then after this it will be full steam ahead to the next competition and preparing to become the best athlete i possibly can be.

Never forget guys the journey can be MORE important than the destination.

Dare to be Alpha.

Alpha Dave

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