“When we reach the edge of our comfort zone we tend to think about our lives and the point we’re reached”.

Our mind gives us reasons as to WHY we can’t go past this point.

Our mind tells us it’s not safe.

Our mind tells us that we could fail.

We tell ourselves stories as to why this is our limit and we should step back from the edge.

We also contemplate our lives, journey and path when we reach this point.

Is this right for me?

Am I making the right choice?

How did I end up here?

We think about our lives.

At this point a decision is made…

Do you push through the pain, the unknown, the possibly of rejection, the possibility of failure…

Do you leap over that edge and allow the world to open up further for you?

Or do you hold back and say…”This is it for me”?

We ALL have our edge…Even the most gifted, talented, hard working people in the world have a point they reach that they don’t want OR need to go past.

You’ve just got to be happy with where yours is.

If not keep pushing and going past it until you reach the edge of your comfort zone.

That point of fulfilment, achievement, happiness and contentment.

Dare to reach your edge…Dare to be Alpha.


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