DAILY ALPHA HABIT – ‘Swing those singles DAILY’

This has become a bit of a mantra for me…Swinging Daily singles.

I heard it along time ago and it just stuck.

In the past I use to try and go for the big wins believing that’s how it’s done.

However I came to realise that with ANY successful person what we don’t see is the daily work, the daily consistency and their daily grind.

9/10 successful people will tell you that’s it NOT a shock to them when they ‘make it’ big.
Because they know all the work they’ve put in behind the scenes when no one else was taking notice.

I explore you to do the same on ANY goal you are aiming for.

Work out what you have, need and should do everyday to get you to your goals.

What are the small daily steps needed that you CAN do everyday?

And do that every single day until you achieve your goal.

On route celebrate the little wins,

Stay focused,

Swing those singles,

Stay consistent,

Forget about the big wins…They will come,

And you WILL achieve your dreams.

Dare to stay consistent…Dare to be Alpha.

Alpha Dave.

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