By now 95% of people have given up or quit on their New Years resolution.

My belief is YES the new year is an opportunity for change, a new chapter and if you want to make it a turning point in your life to MAKE changes then DO IT.

However on the other side of that, a resolution for many people is NOT about real change.

See it may be a new year but it’s the SAME YOU. With the same beliefs, same mindset, same limitations, same strength and weakness.

So if you want change in ANY area of life…You must change.

If you want to go to that next level…You must level up.

All the dreams, wishes and desires do NOTHING until you work on you.

Work on your fears

Work on your doubts

Work on your judgements of yourself and others.

Evolve your circle, spend time with people who inspire you.

Remove people from your life who drain you or pull you down.

Work on your discipline.

Work on your mindset.

Pump positivity into your mind everyday.

Be a giver not just a taker.

Work on being the best version of you.

And always remember you ONLY have 24hours in a day and all that really matters is how you use them. Make the most of those precious hours.

Be the 5%

Dare to be You…Dare to be Alpha.


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