The struggle we ALL experience.


Knowing what we need to do is already within us. When we become aware of ourselves, we usually have a pretty good idea about what we NEED and WANT to do in life/with our life.

The challenge and frustration usually occurs when it comes to the application…aka the ‘doing’ part.

Taking action comes from discipline.

And discipline arrives form doing the small things over and over again.

My advise, aim to keep swings singles instead of trying to hit home runs.

– 10min of exercise per day.

– write 200 words on an assignment that you’ve been putting off.

– write 1 page for the book your writing.

– Call your partner and let them know your thinking about them.

– Contact that client you haven’t seen for a while.

– Drink more water.

– Read one page of that book.

Small swinging singles.

Again you already know his, but how many of us get stressed and overwhelmed when we try and eat the whole elephant in one go?

Progressing your life.

Working on your body.

Building a business.

Growing a loving relationship.

Discovering your purpose.

Is ALL done by taking out that knife and cutting away one little piece at a time.

When you can get disciplined enough to do the little things everyday then YOU WILL achieve what you desire most in life.

Keep hitting those singles time after time.

Alpha Dave

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