Personal Journey and Realisation .

When we believe in something enough,

When it consumes our daily thoughts,

And when we come from a place of purpose…

We MUST find the courage to follow it.

When that fire is in us and we do NOTHING you are literally quitting on your life and what you were put here to do.

Today and tomorrow I say some goodbyes and goodbye to a business I built from nothing to something with Helenlee over 5years.

That leap of faith to move it into another direction that better suited my passion, purpose and gift is something that has taken its toll both mentally and physically.

And I know this for sure…If i wasn’t working on me, if I wasn’t levelling up and I wasn’t surrounding myself with other people on similar paths as me I’d have broken by now.

Or I’d have stayed stuck and frustrated.


And then follow your purpose guys….Whatever that maybe to you on your journey.

It’s doable you’ve just to believe in yourself.

Dare to be YOU.

Alpha Dave.

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