“I Coach Men to Show up as The BEST Version of Themselves”


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Coaching for me is about “Transformation Through Conversational” and every breakthrough, insight, awareness and life altering shift is created from a conversation, whether that be during it or after. 

So what does “I coach Men to show up in the world as the BEST version of themselves” 

What does this even mean?

I spent years of my childhood and youth hiding, been quiet and shy, feeling like I couldn’t stand up and be who I was. This seeped into my early business years and I felt like I had to wear a mask (a metaphorical one) this was so I could play a role that made me look more confidence, strong, in control…In reality I had no idea who I was.

For many years I wasn’t able to connect with my authentic self, to be able to accept myself for who I am, and then in return show up as myself. This often resulted in me feeling lost, unsure and unfulfilled with most of the choices I made in business and life.

I find so many Men struggle with self acceptance and self worth.

They worry or stress about what other people think of them, worrying about judgement, fear, failure, criticism and worst of all, worrying if they are enough and often never feeling good enough. 

So often these Men actually pull themselves down with negative self talk and the continuous cycle of self defeating thoughts.

One of the most powerful things I personally worked on was increasing my Self Worth. This is something that is vastly underrated in my opinion.

Now I coach Men to lean into who they are and this enables them to show up in the world as the most impactful and influential selves to LEAD their life and lead others. 

They start showing up in the Core 4 areas of life (Body, Mind, Home and Business) and this results in them creating MORE Fulfilment, Fun, Freedom and Financial Success.

This differs from client to client, but ultimately they desire a certain amount of Fulfillment, Fun, Freedom and Financial success and this aligns with their biggest overarching goal, So I work with Men to achieve what they desire most.

BUT, for this to EVEN happen they have to start ‘Showing Up’

I connect with this because that’s the transformation I went through and that’s why I share and aim to inspire other men through coaching conversations to do similar on their journey.

The second part of my philosophy is:

“As the very best version of themselves”

To achieve or create more in life we don’t have to be more than we are, but we do have to show up as all that we are.

So coaching Men to step into being all they are capable of is the intention because in that space there is very little they can’t do, they are in their potential. 

Take a moment and recall a time when you were on fire, when you were in that state of “flow”, How did you feel? What were you doing? What did you accomplish, create?

That state is self created and in that state you are in your potential and able to create magic!

So my coaching helps Men get into that place DAILY.

Most of the time we are fire fighting, dealing with mental chaos, dealing with high stress, anxiety, we are feeling overwhelmed and then on top of that we can struggle with fatigue, burn out, arguments and challenges at home and this just loads on top of us.

How the hell does someone in that place create a life of success, purpose, fulfillment when they are in that place? 

They don’t!

But they can start when they begin to show up as all that they are,

My clients discover how to better manage or remove stress, deal with anxiety, increase mental clarity, focus, increase energy, productivity and they regain control.

When you are HERE in that space, that’s when dreams are created, purpose is discovered and lives are transformed.

In the following pages I’ll tell you who I am, who I coach, how I coach and what the investment will be to coach with me toward your goals and dreams.

It’s all here on the site, nothing hidden or dressed up in fancy marketing-speak.

If you like what you read, I’ll invite you to apply for a 1:1 exploration call with me to find out if we’re a good fit for coaching and how that coaching should take place in order to get you the best possible outcome.

But before you read on, a word of warning…

…I coach Men to Show up BIG in all areas of life.

Are you ready to show up and be all you are capable of?


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